George Harrison boosing with mother in 1960. In the foreground his Club40, Gretch DuoJet and Grazioso Resonet ( Futurama ). Harrison and Lennon both acquired their Club40´s in 1959. John bought his at Hessy´s Music Shop in Liverpool, while George got his in a trade with a member of the Swinging Blue Jeans, where he swapped his Hofner President. Harrison´s Club40 was a 1958 model with round controlplate and horizontal logo on headstock. Very little is known about this guitar, but in his eminent book "Beatles Gear" Andy Babiuk mentions a photo from 1959 taken at Casbah Club in Liverpool, showing both Lennon and Harrison playing their Club40´s.





A picture of George and a part of his guitar collection. At the bottom left a 1957/58 Hofner 126, a guitar he never played in public. It was probably just a collection item that he acquired for sentimental reasons.

In Guitar Player Magazine, November 1987. Harrison had taken some pictures of his guitars and wrote some comments to each of them.
"This is a little Hofner, the grooviest little guitar. It's very strange looking, but I always liked it as a kid, and I had a one-pickup version (a Club 40). I swapped it for something, but I finally got another one. In the (gig) box inside the case there was a little faded set list with "Sheik of Araby" and everything its owner played. It really feels like the '50s, that period."