Karl Höfner GmbH & Co

The official website of the Hofner company, their site also includes an extensive vintage Hofner showroom

Steve Russels "Vintage Hofner Page"

An impressive site with plenty of photos and information concerning almost all vintage Hofner guitars

Stephen Candibs "Collecting Vintage Hofner Guitars"

The most comprehensive site for identifying and dating vintage Hofner guitars

Great Guitars

A music store"downunder" run by Michael Skehan, specialized in vintage Hofner´s but also with a large stock of spares


A music store in Germany focused on vintage guitars made in Germany. Large stock of new spares for Hofner, Framus, Roger, Klira etc.

Hofner Heaven

A music store in Robbinsdale, Minnesota,
selling new and vintage reissue Hofners, but also with a large selection of accessories and spares

HofnerHounds – Forum for all Hofner Owners

A site dedicated to Hofners from the fifties and sixties, run by Nick Wass, now rapidly turning into a comprehensive Hofner database

Guy Mackenzie´s Guitar Collection

Some really odd stuff from the sixties, including an old home made guitar with vintage Hofner pickups

Vintage European Guitars Forum

The place to meet, for owners of those crazy German archtops and Swedish Hagstroms



Hofner-Guitars Made in Germany by Michael Naglav with pictures of just about every Hofner made

The Hofner Guitar, A History - Written by Gordon Giltrap. A rare book, only found in secondhand bookshops

Hofner Violin "Beatle" Bass by Joe Dunn deals with the most famous bass in the world, Sir Pauls Hofner 500/1

Elektro- Gitaren made in Germany by Norbert Schnepel and Helmuth Lemme covers guitars made by Hofner, Hopf, Klira, Framus and other German instrument makers

Beatles gear by Andy Babiuk a comprehensive coverage of all the fab fours instruments, from stage to studio