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Club 60 / 1958

Serial number 652 dates this beauty to around 1959. A rare and wonderful Framus tremolo, even though it’s not original, certainly adds some of that "German fifties flavour" to it. Brian Wright in the UK is the proud owner of this immaculate instrument.


Club 60 / 1958-59

A nicely flamed back of a Club60, owned by Mark Hill. His mum and dad brought it for him from a band that used to play in Canvy Island in the late sixties.


Oversized Bigsby tremolo, probably from the same period, added by previous owner.







Black "bar" pickups where used between 1958 - 1960.

A deteriorating case is familiar to owners of vintage Hofners guitars.

Potentiometers are lacking date code, which probably indicates that they where made around 1958.

Selmer serial number 204 dates it back to 1959
"AC" on the headstock are not the initials of the owner.
A closer lock on the body reveals it all.







128 / 1958-59

This Club 60 is vaguely associated with Eric Clapton and was sold at a charity auction for $24000!!! There are however no pictures around of Mr. Slowhand being anywhere close to this instrument, but nevertheless, it´s a nice example of an early Club 60.

Black "bar" pickups and lack of trussrod dates this instrument to 1958-59.



Club 60 / 1960

A blond Club 60, in it´s original case. Serial number 1241, stamped on the back of the headstock by British importer Selmer, dates this instrument to 1960. It is basically a Club 50, but with a more decorated and reinforced neck . This must be one of the first Club 60´s with the new "wide" headstock that replaced the more slender type that was used during the late fifties. This guitar is also fitted with a trussrod, introduced in 1960 on most Hofner models. "Toaster" pickups where used on all Club´s for short period around 1960-61 but soon replaced by "Diamond logo" pickups in late 1961. Ron Warner in the UK bought this guitar back in 1969 .




128 / 1960

Potentiometer code 160 on this Club 60 indicates an instrument from 1960. This blond beauty is owned by Robert Eriksson in Stockholm, Sweden.







Club 60 / 1961-63

This Club 60 is for sale by Brian Diamond from downunder.Tuners, pickguard, volume knobs and bridge replaced



128 / 1961

This Club 60/128 was made in 1961. Probably one of the first fitted with "diamond logo" pickups. An instrument, with all it´s original parts still there, owned by Herman Driesten in the Netherlands.